Friederike Klesper – Dipl.-Ing. (FH) | Member of BYAK, BDIA

Friederike Klesper. Eloquent globetrotter with a keen eye for light, colour and detail. A true people person, who with her outgoing and open-minded personality feels at home anywhere in the world, with her suitcase brimming with inspiration for new creations and projects.

A true allrounder, she stands tall and loves to travel and experience new languages and cultures. Friederike seeks variety and loves challenge. This strong “decathlete” is also a good listener, who reads between the lines, thinks outside the box, and always puts people’s needs first. Her approach culminates in projects with a feel-good factor and a coherent big picture consisting of light, space, emotion and people.

In her working relationships, Friederike values open, honest, and respectful interactions. She prefers working with people who also have a lot of passion for their work. The nicest compliment she has ever received for her work:
“I was thinking about it and here it is already.”

She feels comfortable on horseback, on an international dance floor, or way up high, in the top sphere of the Atomium ˗ a landmark building in Brussels. This is where she was working during the revamp for lighting design and large-scale lighting systems installations. What an exciting assignment and an experience she likes to remember.

When Friederike is not working, she travels. Then we can find her in South America, amongst market vendors or dancing the Tango at a Milonga in Buenos Aires, visiting an orphanage in Burma, at the Vienna Opera Ball or on her yoga mat.

Cinema to her means: Soft, comfortable seating, red velvet and terrific room acoustics. Great cinema is if you feel like you are in the movie.

Favourite movie(s): Black-and-white silent films like “Metropolis” or “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”
Motto: Carpe diem!
Loves: Colour schemes, art, culture, nature, people, movement & dance