1. Case Study

Project Mathäser, Munich

When the Mathaeser cinema in Munich, the legendary cinema for movie premieres, was scheduled to close down and be demolished in 1996, there was an urgent requirement for a new building. This entailed designing a new cinema complex with 14 screens and approximately 4,500 seats, as well as a mall with shops and restaurants for the empty inner-city site. KPB provided solutions where others had run out of ideas.



2. Case Study

Project Gloria Palast, Munich

Ilse Kubaschewski, the grand dame of German cinema in the 50‘s and 60‘s, realized her dream of presenting “her movies” in her very own cinema as the head distributor. Unfortunately, during the following decades, this cinema housed in a heritage building had lost its former luster.



3. Case Study

Project Lichtblick, Amrum

In the spring of 2013, cinema operator Ralf Thomsen asked us to come on board for a project involving a new layout as well as several functional and operative challenges in a newly completed shell structure in the far north, on the small island of Amrum, a tourist destination.