Janina Kraner – Marketing communications specialist

Janina Kraner. Aka “the Writer,” loves and strives for beauty: in the heart, in nature, in art and in words. She writes and uses words with emotion and devotion. She is a marketing all-rounder with a great passion for creating and writing, and a weakness for research.

She used to be a copywriter, who enjoyed plays on words, and had a leaning towards the double entendre. Difficult foreign words, complicated multi-clause sentences and the intentional use of melodic old terminology was her passion. Following the motto: “Think ahead, be ahead”, she was very much bent on orthographic ambiguity, amphiboly and other specific compositions – while the annoyed readership was already (mentally) switching off…

These days, that is long gone. Now, she expresses herself in a simpler font, which is to say, plain language. Nevertheless, the artifact of the German language remains her very special cryptic quirk and acrobatic verbal playground. In short: Janina is a woman fortunately lacking in seriousness, but not in earnestness and sincerity when it comes to her projects. One of the nicest compliments she has ever heard was a simple “Bought”!

The personal and professional aspects of her life, which she prefers to share with like-minded people, are just as colourful and idiosyncratic. In her working relationships she greatly values friendly and open dealings based on an equal footing.

When not sitting in front of the tube beside a roaring fireplace at home, cinema for her inevitably evokes red velvet, salty popcorn and emotions on a grand scale – especially when too many large people end up sitting in front of her…

Favourite movie: Tim Burton´s “Big Fish”
Motto: “You should become who you are.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)
Loves: Justice, nature, yoga, water and ocean