deggendorf-detail205_1024x819Wall design, cinema hall “Shadow”

Lichtspielhaus-DEG-_-003 Entrance to the cinema hall “Titanic”

Deggendorf-treppendetail199Stairs to the foyer in the main floor

14_12_15_Deggendorft-Titanic165_366-x-183Wall design, cinema hall “Titanic”

Three new auditoriums were stacked on top of each other in the already existing cinema and the foyer was enlarged. The new auditoriums were themed: “Titanic” with blue waves and a spray of light, “Shadow” with the shadows of dancing trees and hobgoblins, as well as “Graffity” with constantly changing coloured fields of light.



19-movies-nachts_1024x805View of the bar and service desk

13-movies-nachtsSlanted wall with blue light lines 

The Professor-Sep-Ruf Building at the Goetheplatz was returned to its original use as a cinema including food service. Front and centre for this project, besides the expansion of the foyer with a cashier area, was creating an ambiance of “event driven architecture.”

17-movies-nachtsBackside and blue gate with curtain


Source: WHO’S WHO Deutscher Innenarchitekten 2003
Author: AB
Publisher: H. M. Nelte
ISBN: 3-932509-04-8