Cinema, Fürstenfeldbruck

Our design for this historic cinema, without any major interference with the basic structure, accommodates multifunctional uses such as screenings, theatre or puppet/ marionette shows, presentations, panel discussions, dance performances as well as birthday and wedding celebrations, etc. The changeover from one type of primary use to another is quick and easy. Flexible seating is the key. Tables, chairs and couches can be stowed away quickly and easily below built-in trap doors down stage and in the podium below the stage extension in the theatre, making storage close by and keeping items on hand when needed.

The stage can be utilized either with or without projection screen. It accommodates two tiered, multi-leveled or slanted stage levels depending on the director’s or set designer’s preference. An optional lighting control desk is possible above the bar, where the stage managers station is located, framing the counter while forming a counterpart to the stage. Fixed mounted stage curtains as well as motorized movable curtains in the back and front stage areas allow for a variety of stage scenes.

The two-tiered podium rise in conjunction with the various seating heights of couches and seating configurations greatly improve sight lines of stage or screen for the audience. A ramp, connected to the side of the podium, provides barrier-free access to the main floor. Together with the newly built barrier-free washroom, the venue now meets current standards for a modern meeting space.

The design concept includes several optional potential construction measures that ensure adherence to various budgets, yet also leave room for refinement of the multipurpose use of the space.