The “Neues Rex” Cinema in Munich-Laim was not really “new” anymore and required a redevelopment of its technology and design in addition to a second film hall. Alongside the requirement of not losing any seats, the cinema operator wanted to have the historic look of his movie theatre with a red hall maintained. To this end, the two existing types of brass lighting fixtures should once again be used in both movie theatres.
To ensure good movie theatre proportions, the smaller blue hall was rotated by 90° and arranged towards the shortened larger hall. This allowed for the use of the existing passages from the hallway, as well as the old projection room to continue to be used as movie theatre without interfering extensively with the building structure.
Patrons are surprised by an immersion in the warm brown and gold tones along the hallway, even before entering the movie theatres from the foyer. The contours of light at parapet height and along the base seem to cast dynamic rays of light along the entire length.