Arriving at this Architect’s heritage villa in the South of Pasing, a district in Munich, my first point of contact is her friendly dog, carrying a sneaker. While scanning the home for sources of light, the dog does not let me out of its sights. The stairway is adorned by a multi-colored chandelier – an optical contrast to the two, somber and severe oil portraits showing the previous owners. (

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What does an interior designer do?

For many people, the profession of interior designer makes them think of colourful drapes and designer furniture – which is far removed from what this job actually entails. The magazine “exklusive häuser” (Exclusive Homes) asked Munich interior designer, Anne Batisweiler, about her day-to-day work and about the differences between the professions of interior designer, architect and interior decorator. (

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Gloria Palast: The name alone evokes images of grand style, glitz and glamour à la Hollywood. When you enter the lobby of this traditional cinema in Munich at the Stachus, and see the curving, tapered staircase with its delicate railing you are literally stepping back in time … imagining Grace Kelly descending the red carpet on Alfred Hitchcock’s arm. (Read More